Words and a Pic – June 3, 2015

Ricky, 19, gave thanks to God for his new job at McDonald's. At his request, they are careful to give him Sunday morning off so he can attend church.

Ricky, 19, gave thanks to God for his new job at McDonald’s. At his request, they are careful to give him Sunday morning off so he can attend church.

Do you believe in new beginnings?

Pastor Barbara Jones does. She shepherds a small flock at the Christ City Church of the Nazarene. Located in Polytechnic Heights – or “Poly,” as the locals call it – the church is situated in an economically depressed area of urban Fort Worth. Amy and I spoke there as part of our West Texas District missionary tour and met 20 or so mostly young men and women. They come from a hardscrabble life, many recovering from drug abuse, some from involvement with gangs.

It is here that Pastor Jones has staked her claim. Giving thanks to God, a glow on her face, she reported: “In the past 18 months, we’ve had 10 conversions to Christ.” Prayer meetings and discipleship groups are a key, meeting twice weekly, encouraging each other. Currently, Jones is counseling a young couple (early twenties) whose lives have turned around, thanks to their new-found faith in Jesus. They plan to marry in September, a cause of celebration during the prayer time before our missionary presentation.

Please pray for these new followers of Jesus, that they will grow in their faith. Pray that they will resist the pressure from friends and family to slip back into old, sinful patterns of life that once held them captive.

From Amy’s reading

“I’d had to be empty and alone before I realized my hunger for Him. I had to stop stuffing myself with distractions in order to feel my need.” – Sandra Byrd, in Bon Appétit: A Novel (French Twist Series, book 2, Kindle edition, 2011), location 2340.

The latest from Greg’s blog, “Theology in Overalls”

Read the newest chapter in Greg’s book (under construction), Christlike Disciples, Christlike World, by clicking here.

Here’s a teaser:

“The church encourages education of all kinds for its people because she knows that God is not glorified by ignorance. Jesus never saw a contradiction between heart and head. He called us to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind (Matthew 22:37).”

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